if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands

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I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head. Nina LaCour (via thelovelyloner)

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Don’t trust charming. Why? Because the boy who can talk all the right words knows it too well. Things like boys and love aren’t meant to be practiced like that, it should be a bit awkward- it should be raw. The best advice I’ve ever received. (via scxndal)

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The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. attributed to Dorothy Parker (via celebratethecerebral)

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We live and breathe words. …. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave; the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt—I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamt. I felt I was dreaming and thinking and feeling with you. I dreamed what you dreamed, wanted what you wanted—and then I realized that truly I just wanted you. Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince (via noshortageoffaultamidthestars)

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People are so vulnerable at night. They’re willing to spill out their souls to anyone willing to listen. They have desires to do things that never cross their mind when the sun is in the sky. (via psych-facts)

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You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.

2:03am, I really loved you that much. (via tahom)

I still would.

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